Laser hair Removal

Who are the best candidates for laser hair removal; how does the laser work?

Now days almost anyone can have Laser Hair Removal. This is quite different from the 1990’s when the FDA first approved Laser Hair Removal. Back then you could only get Laser Hair Removal if you had light skin and dark hair. With so many lasers now you come in for a consultation and we match you up to the correct laser for your exact attributes. No other hair removal method is this personalized.

Laser Hair Removal works when the hair follicle is damaged by the laser and can no longer grow new hairs. With each laser blast many follicles are damaged. In order to become hair free you will need between three and eight visits. This is because the hair follicles will be at different stages of development and it takes several sessions to damage them all, thus stopping all new growth.

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How does laser hair removal differ from electrolysis and is it permanent?

Laser Hair Removal differs from electrolysis in many ways. Both Laser Hair Removal and electrolysis damage the hair follicle and damage it to the point making it so it can no longer produce new hairs. Electrolysis uses an electric current that is increased until the individual hair falls out. With electrolysis a needle is inserted in the skin many times in order to deliver the electric current to the body. With Laser Hair Removal a laser light is used instead.

With Laser Hair Removal sessions are quick with the average session lasting ten minutes but ranging from under 30 seconds to over an hour. To have your underarms treated it would take three minutes, but larger areas such as your legs one hour. For electrolysis it would take 30 minutes for your underarms, and several hours for your legs just for one session. With Laser Hair Removal you will need between three and eight sessions in order to complete your treatment. With electrolysis you will need between fifteen and thirty sessions. Each session for both methods are scheduled about four to six weeks apart.

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How does LaserFast™ hair removal differ from other laser systems?

LaserFast™ hair removal uses the most advanced technology to including the Candela GentleLase® is a new laser that makes your sessions even shorter as it covers an 18mm area instead of the usual 9mm area. GentleLase also has a cooling system that is computerized that automatically applies a gel that keeps your skin comfortable during the entire procedure. Nashville Laser Spa is the only laser clinic in the area authorized to provide LaserFast™ hair removal.

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Which areas can be treated?

With Laser Hair Removal almost any area on the body can be treated. Common treatment areas for women include the face, underarms, arms, legs and pubic area. Common areas for men include the face, arms, chest, back, legs and public area. Please call our office if you have a question on what areas we can treat.

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What preparation is needed before laser treatment?

For six weeks prior to your Laser Hair Removal session you need to avoid waxing and tweezing. By doing so you will help the laser identify your hair follicles. Whenever you are going out into the sun for 14 days before and after your session you need to either cover up the area to be treated or apply sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30. One day prior to your session you need to prepare the area to be treated by shaving it. If you tend to get nervous before procedures you should avoid beverages containing caffeine for 24 hours prior to your session.

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What will I look like after the treatment?

After your Laser Hair Removal session you may notice a little redness in the treated area. This is perfectly normal and can be alleviated by applying a cold compress or ice. Your hair will start falling our typically around the tenth day following treatment. After the first treatment you can expect to loose around 1/5 of the hair you started with.

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What should I avoid after treatment?

Following your Laser Hair Removal treatment you will be able to go on with your normal activities. You can even return to work. One thing you have to be careful with is sun exposure for the first 14 days. Be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 during this time period.

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How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser Hair Removal costs vary depending upon the area that you would like to have treated. We will discuss cost of the treatments with you at your consultation. Please call us with any questions. As for payment options we accept cash, check and credit cards.

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How do I get started?

It is easy to get started. All you have to do is give our office a call or stop in to schedule a consultation. Consultations are free. Once you come in for a consultation we can schedule your first visit, or in many cases perform same-day treatment. Call us at 1-800-NEW-FEEL today! We encourage you to call for a consultation or to arrange a treatment. We also offer a free online consultation!


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